Working groups

GWA is calling for volunteered working groups to work on issues that matter for the WordNet community. Through these working groups we hope to ‘bind’ the community and to continue our work in a collaborative spirit to benefit from each other’s work. We expect working group to report on their progress and results through regular updates on their web page. At the next Global Wordnet Conference, we would like to present the results to the audience in the business meeting.
This page lists the current working groups. Follow the links or mail the coordinators to find out more about each or if you want to be involved.
Running working groups:
  • WG1 WordNet documentation
  • WG2 Shared tasks
    • Coordinator Piek Vossen <>
    • Contributors: Khuyagbaatar Batsuren, John Rigdon, 
    • Proposals for shared task are welcome.
  • WG3 Orphan wordnets
  • WG4 ILI & wikidata
  • WG5 Ontologies
    • Coordinator German Rigau <>
    • Contributors: Piek Vossen, Roxane Segers, John McCrae
    • To promote the development of explicit criteria and definitions for verifying the relations in any language. 
    • To promote the development of consistency checking, comparison and evaluation modules.
  • WG6 Multimodal Wordnets
    • Coordinator: Thierry Declerck <>
    • Contributors: Piek Vossen, Itziar Gonzalez-Dios
Anybody from the community can propose a working group and is invited to do so. If you have a proposal or idea, please send a short description to We will discuss it in the GWA board and let you know if GWA endorses it.