Global WordNet Grid


At the 3rd GWA Conference in Korea, we launched the idea to start building a completely free worldwide wordnet grid. This grid will be build around a shared set of concepts, such as the Common Base Concepts used in many wordnet projects. These concepts will be expressed in terms of Wordnet synsets and SUMO terms. We invite people from all language communities to upload synsets from their language to the Grid. Gradually, the Grid will then be represented by all languages.

Francis Bond has taken this idea and created the Open Multilingual Wordnet, which links those concepts that are shared with the Princeton Wordnet.

The Grid is free and language contributions must therefore be provided under one of the following open licenses to be included:

To submit your contribution to the Grid, please send the synsets of your language to:

We will place your language in the Grid as soon as possible!

The list of languages currently in the grid is given here.