Month: January 2021

Proceedings GWC2021 are online NOW !

Sonja Bosch, Christiane Fellbaum, Marissa Griesel, Alexandre Rademaker and Piek Vossen (Eds.) Proceedings of the 11th Global Wordnet Conference (GWC2021) 18–21 Jan, 2021, South African Centre for Digital Language Resources (SADiLaR) Potchefstroom, South Africa. ©2021 Global WordNet Association ISBN 978-9-464027-31-0 Programme

Programme online of GWC2021 (Jan. 18-21, 2021)

The Global Wordnet Association is pleased to announce that the 11th International Global Wordnet Conference (GWC2021) will be held from 18 to 21 January 2021. Due to the international Covid-19 pandemic the conference will this year be held virtually. The