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This project involves the construction of an Arabic WordNet, following the development process of Princeton WordNet and Euro WordNet. It utilizes the Suggested Upper Merged Ontology as an interlingua to link Arabic WordNet to previously developed wordnets.

Christiane Fellbaum at Princeton is the project lead, with subcontracts to Piek Vossen at VU University, Adam Pease at Articulate Software, Horacio Rodriguez at Universitat PolitËcnica de Catalunya, and William Black at University of Manchester with Antonia Marti at University of Barcelona and Sabri Elkateb at University of Manchester. Mona Diab at Columbia is a consulting collaborator.

The program is sponsored by DOI/REFLEX.

An extended version of the Arabic Wordnet has been made by Abouenour Lahsen, Karim Bouzoubaa and Paolo Rosso (2015), Mohammed V Rabat University, Morocco and  Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain.  It has more entries and irregular plurals.  It can be searched and downloaded from the Open Multilingual Wordnet.

  • Black W., Elkateb S., Rodriguez H., Alkhalifa M., Vossen P., Pease A., Bertran M., Fellbaum C., (2006) The Arabic WordNet Project, Proceedings of LREC 2006
  • Lahsen Abouenour, Karim Bouzoubaa, Paolo Rosso (2013) On the evaluation and improvement of Arabic WordNet coverage and usability, Language Resources and Evaluation 47(3) pp 891–917
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